A sunflower from the Historic Downtown Fayetteville Square Farmer’s Market inspired this latest #ExpressionOfArt, a 4″ x 4″ oil painting named “Saturday”.

KM156How the title of this painting came to be is somewhat of an interesting story.

As an artist, I’d like to think that creativity is at my fingertips at any given moment. On the occasions that it’s not, well, it should come in short time!

Contemplating an appropriate title for a painting might seem an easy task for some, and to date, it has come fairly easy to me.  But for some reason, this painting’s title eluded me for a while. I knew it would “come to me” at some point, so I was fine to let it go and continue painting other works.

The thoughts that came to me as I looked at this sunflower were of warmth and familial comfort (descriptive words that had not appealed to my artistic sense for a title).

I remembered how fond I was of a sunflower photograph I had taken during a 2010 trip to Arkansas for a family member’s wedding. I recall staring at this sunflower for a long, thoughtful moment as it brightened my sister-in-law’s dining table during a time when family members were running around getting last minute wedding tasks completed for the big day. The day was Saturday, the wedding was wonderful, and my moment with this sunflower is one of the many I took away from this special weekend nearly 4 years ago.


Fine art prints of “Saturday” are available using high quality archival inks on canvas or archival paper in the following sizes: 4×4, 8×8

“Saturday” Giclee
Canvas or Archival Paper

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