Artful Phone Cases

Get your new iPhone or Galaxy Cases with a painting by Kerri Meehan*

While I’m quite excited to have my new iPhone 6+, I’m even more thrilled to start seeing my own artwork on the iPhone and Galaxy phone cases. Thanks to the services at Fine Art America, here’s how a few of my paintings will look on the new iPhone 6+ cases (also available with the Galaxy phones):

Morning Formal iPhone 6 CaseTranquility iPhone 6 Case Sunlit iPhone 6 CaseCool Blue Rose iPhone 6 CaseViolet Shadows iPhone 6 CaseSouthern Magnolia iPhone 6 CaseAlive iPhone 6 CaseConeflower iiPhone 6 Case  Sanibel Shells iPhone 6 Case Reflections on the Riverwalk iPhone 6 CaseBougainvillea Tree iPhone 6 Case
Solitude iPhone 6 Case
Skyward iPhone 6 case

Click on any of the iPhone 6+ cases above to go directly to the Fine Art America site and order your new case. Be sure to select which phone case you want (iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus; also available for the Galaxy) and know you can adjust the painting placement and orientation. Have fun with your new Expression of Art!

Alive iPhone 6+cover & Home Screen

As an added bonus, if you send me a photo of your new artful phone cover, I’ll email you the matching Home Screen image for your phone.  Just email your new phone cover pic to info at ExpressionOfArt dot com, and I’ll email you back with the digital artwork for your home screen.


One happy customer says, “It’s fabulous! Gorgeous and very high quality!!” ~Jean


*Just so there’s no confusion, please note, I don’t actually paint on the iPhone 6 case; these are reproductions of my paintings for all to enjoy.

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