My creativity ritual

My creativity ritual begins like this:

After opening the door to my studio, I first connect my Jambox speaker to my iPhone, open the Pandora app to a classical piano station and let the peaceful, instrumental music fill the air. Next, I wheel my easel close to the window and position my painting towards the morning light. My mobile painting cart gets wheeled over to the right of my easel, then I remove the lid of the covered palette and smile in appreciation of the variety of bold colors and the smell of the paint. Once I situate my cushioned floor padding atop the concrete floor under my easel, I then secure my iPad to its makeshift easel with bungee cord and rubber bands. Searching through my iPhoto gallery next, I select and display my current reference image and enlarge the view for the specific flower petal for the day’s painting. Leaving the world to carry on without me, I dip my first paint brush into rich color and let the creativity flow onto the canvas.

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