About Kerri Meehan

Kerri Meehan is artist and owner at Expression of Art, LLC, whose paintings hone in on the interplay of light and color, the serenity and simplicity of individual elements, and the tranquil feeling of being surrounded by nature. Kerri’s artwork draws from the peaceful, meditative qualities of the natural world, in a vibrant way. By focusing intensely on the dynamic and often accentuated colors found in nature, Kerri’s paintings transport the viewer to a state of harmony. It is the absence of chaos that makes Kerri's paintings meaningful to clients and fans of Expression of Art.

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This is one of my favorite shots of Tiffany.  Just off of Spring break from a fun week with grandma and the horses, Tiffany seems to make friends wherever she goes.  Full of life, Tiffany’s smile is nothing but contagious for anyone in her presence.  What’s not to love?

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Legacy Ducklings

Watching the Ducklings

The natural beauty in the lake behind our home has been a great source of education, relaxation, and entertainment for my husband and I.  The past few days, we have been watching the little ducklings in this lake.  According to my trusty Stokes field guide, these are Mottled Ducks, relatively sedentary, limited to the freshwater […]

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Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Zachary

Today is my nephew’s birthday.  Zachary, a son, a grandson, a great grandson, a brother, a student, an athlete, an artist — full of life, character, and compassion.  This all-around good kid is growing up more than I could have ever imagined, and I am so fortunate to be a part of his life. I […]

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Ever try to photograph a cat in a confined area?  Not easy . . .

Studio Time with Lily

I brushed my cat, Lily, 3 times before I brought her in for her studio portrait.  For all the fur flying around the studio and sticking to the black muslin backdrop, you’d think she hadn’t been brushed in months.  At 3+ years, she’s still too young to be a pedestal kitty.  She wouldn’t sit still […]

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