About Kerri Meehan

Kerri Meehan is artist and owner at Expression of Art, LLC, whose paintings hone in on the interplay of light and color, the serenity and simplicity of individual elements, and the tranquil feeling of being surrounded by nature. Kerri’s artwork draws from the peaceful, meditative qualities of the natural world, in a vibrant way. By focusing intensely on the dynamic and often accentuated colors found in nature, Kerri’s paintings transport the viewer to a state of harmony. It is the absence of chaos that makes Kerri's paintings meaningful to clients and fans of Expression of Art.

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Alive oil on linen, framed

Long lasting roses for your Valentine

Buy your #valentine roses that will last a lifetime. Roses in oil. #SWFL residents can see these oil paintings in person tomorrow (February 4th) during the Open House event at casa|art|studio at 5850 Shirley St #104 north of Pine Ridge Rd. From 5-8pm, I’ll be there in person to chat about my art and answer […]

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The Sound of Art – Hibiscus Painting in Progress

My favorite part of each painting experience is when I get to the details. Today, I’m building the foundation for the veins of the hibiscus petals, first with strokes from a trimmed 10/0 liner brush, then with blending strokes using a short filbert. Here’s a video of my work in progress, with the sounds of […]

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Suite of Rose Studies by Kerri Meehan

Suite of Rose Studies

This collection of nine rose studies celebrates the brightness and depth surrounding the centermost part of the most popular flower in the world. The heart of the blossom. The best part of why we love roses – the budding center, which draws our eye, draws our wonder to the innermost element of each bud. The […]

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Framed Flower Prints by Kerri Meehan

Expression of Art Now at GlamourPuss

I’m thrilled to announce a new partnership between Expression of Art and GlamourPuss. a unique women’s boutique serving luxury clients from daytime glamour and nighttime chic. GlamouPuss carries local and internationally handmade jewelry, hand bags, shoes, and NOW, artworks by Kerri Meehan.   FASHION and ART make the perfect combination.   Professionally framed by Aldecor, […]

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