• Skyward 30x40 oil on linen


    While visiting my aunt’s place in Old Naples last year, I was amazed at the sight of a single pink hibiscus bloom stretched atop its flowering tree, reaching skyward. I snapped a photo of the wide-open blossom and instantly fell in love with the optimistic composition. The texture of the vibrant hibiscus petals appeared like […]

  • Alive oil on linen by Kerri Meehan KM120


    The artist’s most expressive painting to date. What intended to be an orange rose came alive with bright highlights, bold shadows, and rich warm layered reds throughout. Intentions disappeared as the brush strokes began layering color atop linen. The creative process took over and for the first time in the artist’s career, she let the […]

  • FLOR394 Sweetbroom 8x10 oil painting for FLOR500 participatory art project

    Sweetbroom FLOR394

    Honored to be a part of the FLOR500 participatory art project, I painted flower #394, the Sweetbroom (Scorparia dulcis), which was selected as the feature image for FGCU’s FLOR500  gallery exhibit. Five hundred Florida artists were invited to represent 500 native wildflowers in the FLOR500 participatory art project created by Miami artist Xavier Cortada. FLOR500 […]

  • Rose Study 7 in oil by Kerri Meehan

    Rose Study 7

    Enjoying a new series of rose studies in oil. Here’s one in fast motion: Rose Study 7 by Kerri Meehan

  • Violet Shadows oil painting by Kerri Meehan

    Violet Shadows

    “Violet Shadows” 24″ x 48″ oil on linen Comfortable in an expressive cloak of cool shadows, these two orchids grow in contemplation as they reach for the light. Available for Purchase Giclee prints in various sizes Artful Phone Cases (for iPhone or Galaxy)  

  • Southern Magnolia oil painting by Kerri Meehan KM118

    Southern Magnolia

    “Southern Magnolia” 30″ x 36″ oil on linen Plucked from a Naples Magnolia Tree, this blossom with its colorful leaves reflected nicely on my dresser while I photographed it in a variety of lighting scenes. When the composition felt right, that’s the one I selected as my painting reference. The simplicity of this painting lends […]